Monday, May 31, 2010

*Memorial Day*


The bells! They toll inside the graveyard gates
Meanwhile I stroll within.
The air is sweet, the ground is soft
And colorful daubs brighten the graves.
Great grandma, who adored her flowers,
Aunt Lois, who read many books,
Great grandpa, I never knew you
But I know that you played music,
Aunt Doris, you were funny
And had a pair of deep brown eyes:
Go garden, read, and play in your own paradise.
You guys, I'd like to thank you
For paving a place in the world.
If you had not been alive on this earth,
then where would I be today?
Certainly not walking in beauty
With flowers dotting the way,
With the sun shining down during this pretty month of May.
It is love and life that created me and maybe a little fate:
Thanks for the chance to listen to the bells
That toll within these graveyard gates.

Ashleigh 5/31/10

Great grandpa served WWI


  1. This is incredible, Ashleigh. I was right there with you, inside the gates, strolling among the generations before us, imagining what they would say, if they could, the stories they would tell. And the bells, the bells, so beautiful! Gorgeous poem, video and photograph -- was the veteran bronze in honor of your great grandpa?

  2. Thank you (:
    Yes, it's above his headstone. I just now realized that they're letters on the points and want to visit again to figure out what they stand for.