Monday, May 24, 2010


A guy named Maximilian Sinsteden did this to his dorm. Wow, I LOVE this.  It's exquisite, look at all the detail in this one corner.

As a kid and young teen, I watched TLC for one reason; I love transformations. Transformations are exciting and beautiful. A room, a person, or anything can go from drab, boring, and cluttered to lovely, lively, and interesting. The idea of taking something and making it change for the better is fascinating. A negative thought turned upside down to positive can brighten your day. A healthy switch from couch potato to working out can make you feel so much better about yourself, make you sleep better, and make you fit. A wall turned white to a soft peach can make a room turn charming, in turn making you a little more happier every time you walk in.

The two types of shows I watched were the home improvement and decorating shows; my favorite being "Trading Spaces." I also watched the makeover shows like "What Not To Wear." These shows were the epitome of metamorphosis.

After my veterinary dreams, I wanted to be an interior designer or maybe decorator is the right word. I wanted to add fabric to walls, creating texture and appeal. I wanted to upholster chairs using fun patterns. I wanted to add pictures in frames, beautiful curtains, and dainty lampshades. Hell, I'd still love to that when I have my own place one day.

Anyways, my dorm room was a disaster last school year. It was yucky. I didn't, and still don't, have money to spend on stuff to make it pretty. Not that that is an excuse. A good one is that I'm outta state going to college. I have my little cute Volvo can't hold much more with two tons of clothes I own. Thus, more stuff is just a bad idea plus bad for the environment (the fact that is stuff in itself and the heavier your car is, the more gas you burn). Plus it seems like I move around too much. So I'll just wait til my outta college or if I ever get a semi-permanent house during my schooling experience. ENOUGH WITH EXCUSES.

Basically, my room had a few photos and postcards that were always falling off the wall as well as a poster of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh that would stick no matter how many of rolled pieces of tape were stuck to the back of it. Ugh, the furniture was super functional and new but not homey or as darling as I would have liked. My roommate was into writing and not into decorating at all. The room was dull and divided in half by our two wardrobes for privacy and she stayed up every night til past 2 am on the computer. This division created it to be claustrophobic and nast.

Next year, my room is going to better. I have a new roommate and hopefully we'll make it look nice. It doesn't have to be perfect but it'd be nice if it made me feel good to live in.

The variety and abundance of art on this one wall is fantastic; the European license plate, the rounded globe thing, the consistency of the frames color scheme-wise. The green wall color is great and I love the paisley throw pillow.

I adore the rug and bedding. Ah, what style and creativity he has. Read the article here: "No Sense In Waiting"

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