Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Moving is a pain in the ass and I'm not even a family moving; I'm one measly young adult. When I went off to college, I was like, "Oh this is hardly any stuff at all. My pretty little Volvo can fit it all; this won't be too bad to move!"

Well Ashleigh, let me tell you some things.

1. You have waaaaay to many clothes. I know you gave away four bags to Salvo a few weeks ago but do you really need 10 winter coats?

2. What happened to you wanting to live life simply? To eat simply, to act simply, to have a few, simple possessions? Why in the world do you need so much stuff? Remember when Annie Leonard came to campus and gave a talk about material things; what happens to garbage, where does all our stuff come from, and what it's doing to our world? You said to yourself, "Ooh she was just SO inspirational. I am going to be the greenest citizen around and not buy so many clothes, recycle everything, and live so simply."

How's that working out for ya? Like the new romper you got the other day?

[Seriously, watch her "Story of Stuff," your life will be changed: http://www.storyofstuff.com/ ]

3. Get someone to help you move for heaven's sake! 1000 lbs of stuff to move is difficult for one 120 lb little lady. C'mon

4. Pack a little more smartly next time. Label all the bags that you will use for the summer and all the ones you don't need to open, not even peek! Only take the ones you need into your new place and leave the ones you don't in your trunk (even better, store in a friend's place for the summer).

That's all (:

By the way, love your new place. It must be so nice having some privacy and alone time for once.

West window. It doesn't catch how beautiful the light is. I have a feeling that each evening I will enjoy this picturesque view outside the living room window.

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