Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Golf SpectacuLAR

I have had many unpleasant mini golf experiences. Well, I wouldn't say unpleasant. Boring is a better word. All the golf courses seem the same. Cheesy decorations, fake waterfalls, dinky bridges, and a windmill where timing is key to have a successful putt. Cool - nothing more - playing the first time around but monotonous anytime after that.

Today's mini golf experience was different.

When my boyfriend's mom said that she wanted to take us to a mini golf game outside of the city, I was a little skeptical. I was happy to spend time with them because they are lots of fun, but mini golf? There was something to look forward to though. It was mini golf but with sculptures. After the beautiful drive and we arrived, it turned out to be a great place and so much fun. I'll let the photos do the talking.


  1. I share your past experiences with mini golf: super-cheesy design, blazing hot sun, and boring. But no, not yesterday. It was so interesting and beautiful; around every corner, a new surprise. We were even treated to a rooster crowing every couple of minutes! It was the very best mini golf experience of my life and I am so glad you were there!

  2. Yeah, I loved the farm + artsy environment! It was awesome, I'm so glad you took us!! Thank you!!

  3. Didn't post the scores? Are you not proud of going 30 over par? Just kidding, I love you!

  4. If ever mini golf course looked like this, I would love to have a go.