Saturday, July 3, 2010


               Slug in the green hoodie on stage. 

I had a Taste of Minnesota's music scene last night; P.O.S. and Atmosphere! The festivities were held on Harriet Island on the Mississippi in St Paul. The evening was warm and mostly sunny. There were lots of people but it was still comfortable.

During the show, John and I were about 30 feet from the stage. I hate being that far away. I always try - and usual do - get a spot close. Making eye contact with the performers, making it feel as though they're performing for only you takes a show to another level. Being further away from the stage, you don't get that experience. Plus, being 5 ft 3, it's difficult to see the musicians over all the tall people :(

So I did what I have never done at a show before. I got onto someone's shoulders. John had me up for almost an entire song. It was AMAZING. I could see e v e r y t h i n g. Nobody was as tall as me at that moment. I could see Slug and he could see me, no interference between us. The crowd looked like a giant mass instead of a few people standing around me. I felt self-conscious being high enough that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, could see me. It was worth it though, totally spectacular.
P.O.S. was great but atmosphere was my favorite.

"There's still some sun shine left outside..." Slug said, as Sunshine began. I love that song. It reminds me of South Minneapolis sunshine.The song is so light and true. I love "riding my bike around the lakes" and listening to the "breeze penetrate the south side trees" as he does :) You can listen here: Sunshine by Atmosphere

Here's a snippet of Sunshine. My camera died four seconds in though. Gr.

Another favorite was Not Another Day. This is embarrassing: I listened to it today and started crying. It hits home to me and probably many others. Listen: Not Another Day

Slug is great. One of the cool things about staying in South Minneapolis is knowing that he's probably around. Also, I love hearing all the references in Atmosphere's music to Minneapolis. It's a "I've been there! I know what you're talking about!" sort of thing.

The show was fun, one of the best hip hop show I've been to.


  1. I remember when I almost fell over while putting you on my shoulders, it was so packed I couldn't get a good footing! I was so annoyed with all the drunk and high people surrounding us in the crowd. But in the end I had a ton of fun with you. Thanks for the gift!

  2. Um, try being 5 foot exact at any concert or event. hahaha Not fun at all. It's times like those you wished you were taller and wonder where all the tall people came from. cute of John.