Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minnesota Nice

                            Lilypads in bloom on Lake of the Isles.

I had never heard of the stereotype of "Minnesota nice" until I came to Minnesota. Although I don't like stereotypes - nothing can be true for every single person in a group - some generalizations about a group of people seem right. LA drivers are rude  (not all but those few who are make it seem correct), Australians are nice (all I met there are), and runners are hard workers (haha, well, the majority are!). Minnesotans, in general, are nicer than people from other states.

In the past week, three different people have complimented me on my tan. Back home, I don't remember strangers complementing it ever. When my car was stuck in the snow on the side of the road this past winter, five people stopped within five minutes to offer help. Today I was complemented on my tattoo by two older women [I say this because they usually don't like them] while stopped at a light on my bicycle. I wasn't in the best of mood at first but afterwards it made me feel so much happier!

I love nice people, they can change your mood for the day which does greater good than just for you. It may start a chain reaction of kindness. Let's all act Minnesotan and say something sweet to a person each day this week :D


  1. I love it -- a "chain reaction of kindness." Perfect! I'm glad you've had a mostly positive experience in Minnesota. You are most assuredly part of Minnesota Nice. Beautiful photo! You have a tattoo? Cool. I want to see it!

  2. Thank you for not blaming me for driving into that snow drift. Those people were so helpful! But one of them seemed really annoyed with me having gotten it stuck and kept making sarcastic comments. At least they helped!