Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time flies by

                                        Me! Age 15? 16?

I only have one week of research left... What! We've already collected as many samples as we are going to. We're finished with the lab work on the condensed tannins in the leaves and have used the spectrometer to measure its prevalence. Now, we're working on measuring tree rings. Boyooo.

Also, the kids that I've been watching are leaving tomorrow. I can't believe they've been here for two weeks already. It seems like it was yesterday that I was nervous about picking them up. Tomorrow they make the long treks home. They presented what they learned to a tribal council today. It was a proud moment for their professors and us.

I remember when I used to think about me being in college and I could never picture it. Not that I couldn't make it or wouldn't go, but it seemed like when I got there I would be old and mature. It seemed so far away. I thought that certain feelings would disappear, that I would feel differently about myself, and that I'd be super responsible. That is definitely not the case. I still feel young, so young. I also feel like the same person; hardly changed at all. Maybe I've learned some lessons but I'm still me; I just have a few years added to my age and the ability to sign things myself.

I think that is just how it is. All in all, we all feel like we still have a lot to learn, a lot left to do. My grandma feels young herself. She says it's frustrating to have a young mind stuck in an old body, holding you back from things you used to do effortlessly. So I'll consider that and make sure I can do as much as I can while I am strong and able.


  1. Already at your young age, you've nailed it -- you know how it is and will be as you age: always curious, reaching for more, learning, yearning, loving, grieving, contributing. You are a beautiful person, A. You really are. And your Gramma sounds like a wise and wonderful woman.

  2. I like your grandma and agree with what she says. And of course I agree with you. I feel like there's so much of me that wants to change and yet, I'm still the same person. I feel ya.