Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Yoooork!


So lately I've had many New York City fantasies. I've been all over the USA from the West coast to the East, to the South and to the North. Matter of fact, I've had opportunities to travel out of country too. But...

I've never been to NYC!

NYC has been on  my mind lately. I just finished two novels that were set in New York. Half (literally) of the blogs I follow are based outta New York. Another just wrote a blog entry about the subway. I've been watching Law and Order lately - based on NYPD. NYC is the fashion capital of the States . I've been listening a lot to Empire State of Mind Part 2 (without JZ, although I like that version too). Listen here: Empire State of Mind Pt 2.

My family chose the year I went away to college to go to NYC without me :(  My friends have been there. I know a few people that are originally from there.

I can't wait for my chance to go there. It's going to just as amazing as everyone says, I know it. 


  1. Let's take a trip there for Winter Break or something. I would love to go and explore the city with you! I love you so much honey!

  2. That would be so much fun!!!
    We'd def have to save $$$ though, I hear it's expensive. I would love to go with you :D