Friday, June 18, 2010


I love being inspired. Whether it's from hearing a great show and being inspired to pick up guitar or watching someone paint and wanting to create my own piece. I also love being inspired by fashion.

I read (or more like see) this blog: The Sartorialist . It's a few people posting photos of every day people they see on the streets of NYC, Milan, Paris, Florence... It's so inspirational. Some of the styles I could never pull off but some I LOVE. They give me great ideas. I want to repost one of the photos here but I won't because of their copywrite. However, if you look at June 16 entry "On the Street...Italian Girls, Florence" you will see what I want you to. This girl is wearing the best boots - they are classy but rugged. I adore them. I also love her blazer. It is cut just right and paired with a pair of shorts! Her blouse is cute and I love the pattern; reminds me of the prairie.

Fashion is one of those things I was never exposed to as a young girl. My grandma is not materialistic at ALL, especially when it comes to clothing. Since she was the one who raised me, I wasn't brought up to dress chic. I remember figuring it out in middle school. We were required to wear these awful uniforms. We could only wear plain navy, red, or white t shirts or polos with navy or khaki pants, skirts or shorts. I remember looking at the girls that actually made it look good. Throughout middle school, it was all about trying to fit in with American Eagle and Abercrombie.

Once high school hit, I branched out a bit. Later high school years and now, I love going to thrift shops, surfing online, and finding what I believe looks good. I don't really buy new stuff for each new fashion craze (unless I like what's being sold) but I do enjoy following what's "in" for the season. Window shopping or flipping through magazines and looking to see the prevailing colors and styles is fun.

I have to say, being in the small town I am for school, fashion is not a big deal. I am more likely to wear drabby clothes and sweats (especially in winter when it's - 30 and blizzarding; how am I supposed to be fashionable in -30?!). Looking at this blogs photos inspires me though. I know once I am home in the city, I'll hit up the thrift stores and go crazy :D

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  1. Ashleigh! hahaha I love this post of yours. I agree. I love finding inspiration. Most of my inspiration comes from traveling and music. I also love flipping through magazines and looking at the new season's styles. This may sound contradicting, but inspiration can be overwhelming at the same time. My latest inspiration are youtube videos of guitarists. It's like when you want to be good, how can you get there and fast? Anyways...
    The fashion part. I remember Clayton days. Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle. I totally remember! Those were hideous uniforms I hated wearing. I know what you mean about trying to pull of different styles. Lately, I went overboard. I got a button down shirt and tried to wear it like a lazy boyfriend shirt. Um, I tried to make it work, but it doesn't. It's embarrassing. Reading your post however was a little shocking. I have ALWAYS thought of you as someone who dresses cute and I still think this. :) Ashleigh knows fashion, trust me.
    When you come back to Salt Lake, go check out Misc. Boutique. It's on Broadway in downtown. They have the cutest outfits and only for $15 on most or all of their dresses. You will love it.

    In reply: I agree. I miss journaling in psychology in high school. They were creative journaling homework.