Saturday, June 5, 2010

Born Love

I have discovered my shoemaker. Stylish, comfort, and real quality all in one amazing brand. That brand is Born Shoes.

I first fell in love with them when I ordered my Born Thicket boots through LL Bean.

Now, I don't own any other pairs besides this beauty but I wish I did. Their sandals run $75 +  and their boots reaching into the $200s. I understand people buy shoes that cost way more than this but not me. Born would be as expensive as I would ever pay. They may cost a lot of pennies but they are worth every one!

Some of my favorite warm season styles:

The Gladiolus; delicate yet I'm sure durable sandals. So pretty!

The Hydrangea:  So lovely. Can you tell I adore the blossom theme?

The Vara. The color is so natural and heel is sexy. Hot!

Now for the boots which I will buy.

The Darcy. I already have my brown boots and just need a black pair, then I'll be set!
The Anastasia. I love this classy style. This color would go with anything and I love the toe.


  1. In addition to being a scientist, you're clearly a fashion lover and writer! This reminds me of the movie I saw today: Sex in the City 2! Afterward, Teri and I went shoe shopping at Calhoun Square -- I think the store was called Bayport. I was trying on outrageous, strappy, high heeled shoes, just like the gals in the movie. It was fun to imagine wearing them and actually being able to walk in them with comfort. Fun!

  2. Nice, John wants to see that (hehe). I love trying on shoes. The best was when I would go prom dress/shoe/accessory shopping. So fun!

  3. You know, John actually watched reruns of SITC with me, so yes, I think he would see it!