Monday, June 7, 2010


So today we cored more Cottonwoods and guess what was spouting from each hole?


It was coming out of the corer and dripping down the tree; Professor said he had never seen that before (and he's worked a long time with many plants).

When we put our ears up to the hole, you could hear it sucking water from the ground. How cool is that! The noise reminded me of when you put your ear on somebody's belly and you can hear the food digesting. Those were some thirsty trees. "Slurrrrrp, slurp, slllllurp."

Professor was super excited; he kept putting his lips to the newly cored holes and sucking the water out to drink it. Haha. Sort of silly but I understand. Geeky biologist, what else would you expect?

Whenever something like this happens, it reminds me of how everything is connected. Humans, other animals, plants... we're all so different but have so much in common. These trees were taking water up through their roots, moving it through their trunks and then to their leaves. They were hydrating themselves, much like how we hydrate our bodies, our cells.

I love earth and everything on it.


  1. This is so fascinating! Did you taste the water from the tree, too? What did the professor say about it? Your research project sounds so cool!

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  3. If we don't stop them now they'll start walking and talking and even thinking like us too! Quick, grab the axes and flamethrowers. We need to burn them all down before the Cottonwood apocalypse! Did you see Lord of the Rings? The Ents, well that shit is about to get very real. I don't want to end up locked in Orthanc because some crazy ass trees decided to go and trash my yard and all my loyal Goblin, Orc and Uruk-Hai employees. Quickly to the forest now. We must make haste, there is little time to waste! I'M COMING FOR YOU TREEBEARD, YOU SON OF A BITCH!

  4. ooh, I love this! I love this! haha Reading this makes my nerdy biology self kick in.