Sunday, June 27, 2010


I missed Pride a few weeks ago at home but I got to go to Minneapolis Pride today :) Compared to the Salt Lake Pride, it was larger with more booths and people. There were many companies, non-profits, vendors, artists, churches, food, political parties, and movements booths. It was free admission which was nice. They had a few stages for performances and we watched some drag numbers: always entertaining.

I love how exuberant Pride fests are. I love what they stand for. I love feeling like someday, there will be equality for all! When I see all the LGBT and allies gathered together, I can't help but know that soon the United States (and the world) will get it right; that we will ALL be considered equal.

Some of the highlights include:

Paying $1 - donations go to a pitbull rescue - to get some puppy breath. I got to hold this adorable and sleepy pitbull pup for a few minutes. He melted my heart.

We visited a vendor selling sooooo many buttons. I chose four that describe me pretty well! Science and evolution, peace, equality and pride, and greenness! More to add to my mochila morada [purple backpack].

I bought purple streaks for my hair. I'm not one to dye my hair so this is a fun alternative. They sold a spirited pack in rainbow but I just bought a couple purple ones :)



  1. Ashleigh! Thanks for all the comments! :) I hope you do get to decorate your dorm! Do you keep the same dorm each semester or do you always change? I love the word exuberant and how you use it. I love the buttons that represent who you are. The puppy is adorable. I love how you have a purple backpack and you have a purple streak in your hair. Most of all, I love you! Cheesy, but true!

  2. I love and appreciate your spirit of justice and equality for all. I hold the same values and vision for the world. Thanks so much for chronicling your day at Pride Fest! (You're such a good photographer, too!)

  3. You forgot to mention how flattered you were when those lesbians checked you out!